True Married Life

On February 04, 1953 Roland Robert Colbert and Evangeline Olive Lepine joined their hands in marriage.  Roland was a teacher at a one room school house close by to where Olive (she was always known by her middle name) grew up.  Roland was the third of a family of four and Olive was the oldest of fourteen.  They met one day in the store in Beacon Hill, Saskatchewan where Olive was working for her cousin.  Roland loved from the day he met her.  Shortly after they met, Olive had a disagreement with her cousin, so she went home.  It took Roland a bit of time to find her, then proceeded to walk to see her as often as he could.  Roland was to relate later that the winter was nasty cold, but it didn’t matter.  It was not quite six months from the time they met until they were married.  They would have been amazed to hear that they would stay married for a little over sixty-one years.