Roland and Olive’s Life

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Roland & Evangeline (Olive) Colbert

Married February 04, 1953

Dad was asked if he had considered becoming a teacher about the time he graduated from grade 12. He decided that it was not a bad thing to do so he said yes. He was sent to Waterhen, Saskatchewan, with promises that there would be someone to help him out. He said that it was nearly 6 months before he saw anyone. He said the kids taught him more than he taught them. When he finished his first year, he decided that he liked what he was doing and went to Normal School in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. At that time Normal School was for 1 year. He then went to Northern Pine, Saskatchewan to teach. He was 20 years old. Dad at his tallest was 5’4″, many of the boys in the class were taller than he was, however, they respected him as he was “the” teacher. Teachers were held in high esteem at the time something that is sadly lacking today. He continued to teach, going to university in the summers for a number of years. In the fall of 1952, he happened to go into the country store, there he met a pretty little dark haired girl. The next time he went in she was gone, Mom had decided to go home. It took a few months before he found her again. From the time they met until they were married was approximately 6 months. Some start, Huh?