Isabelle Lepine & family

This scan is of a picture taken some time in the 1940’s.  This is a picture of Great-grandma and her children with their children.  The families lived quite close to each other so visited a lot.  The men fished and trapped for a living, they would also take a job when there was one to be had.  Often, they would leave home and did not return until the job was finished.  While the men were away from home the women took care of everything.  These women were very strong and independent.  When the men were home they took care of the heavy work, but if the women were alone it still had to be done.  The children were expected to help however they could, that was life, no one knew any different.  Yes, it was a hard life, however it was a good life too.  Lots of fresh air, good food (no preservatives) and people around that were willing to help when needed, play when it was afforded.